Storm Drains

Storm drains are designed to handle excess water as a result of flooding or heavy rain, and are strategically placed in flood-prone areas. In cases of flood or heavy rainfall, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas naturally repel the water, sending it to gutters, which lead to storm drains. Depending on area, storm drains may transport water through pipes that lead to other central pipes or sewer systems, or may circumvent the sewer system entirely and dump the water into a lake, stream, or other body of water. No matter the route, if the storm drain becomes clogged, streets and other areas can become flooded, which can result in hazardous conditions for drivers, and worse, turn into catastrophic flood situations. Rooter Town Denver offers storm drain inspection and maintenance service to ensure storm drains are functioning properly so that when flooding conditions occur, the drain will do its job.

On city streets, local municipalities are responsible for handling storm drain service. But in private residential areas or on private property, Rooter Town’s expert service technicians can handle the job. We’ll inspect the drains and the lines, and use our state of the art tools to clear them when necessary. Count on Rooter Town Denver for storm drain service in your area.

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