Water Meters

Water companies read meters installed on your property to determine how much water you use in a certain period. The crux behind a water meter is a valve triggered by air when water is turned on in the pipes. The meter then tallies a total water use figure. If this valve fails, air can travel through the pipe even when water is not being used and cause the meter to misread. If you suspect an error in your water bill, Rooter Town Denver has the licensed service technicians to inspect your meter to ensure the valve and other internal parts are working properly. A meter can also fail if it was originally installed incorrectly, or if a pipe has broken, thus causing “meter leakage”. We’ll ensure that the meter is running the way it is supposed to so your water bill is accurate each month. If it is working properly, but the water usage reading is unusually high, it will help us determine that you probably have a leak somewhere in your water lines.

If it turns out your meter does have a problem, Rooter Town will determine a repair or replacement. If your meter needs to be replaced, we will work with your local water company to determine the proper meter size and install the device according to regulations. If you have a problem with your water meter, or just want to have it serviced, call Rooter Town Denver today.

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