Laundry Centers

Stackable washer and dryer units, otherwise known as “laundry centers”, can break down due to burned out motors, laundry soap accumulation, and stopped up drains from an accumulation of lint and sediment that collect over time. Outside of the machine, the water lines that transport water to and from the machine can also deteriorate and develop leaks due to cracking hoses, broken seals, faulty valves, and bad connections. If your laundry center is not running properly, call Rooter Town Denver and we’ll determine if the problem lies within the machine, with its connection to the water source or drain, or with the fixtures and lines delivering water to the machine. We have years of experience in all facets of plumbing, including laundry centers, and will work quickly to get your machine running properly once again.

Like any other appliance, laundry centers can break down and ultimately need to be replaced. Should we find that a repairing is not the most cost-effective solution, we can help recommend a new unit and can install most brands and models. If you are experiencing problems with your laundry center call Rooter Town Denver today.

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