Toilet Augers

Everyone has encountered a clogged toilet at one time or another. A toilet that struggles to flush, or worse, clogs entirely and overflows is an inconvenient hassle that presents an unsanitary environment. Restrictions or partial stoppages within the drain system will cause such problems, as will poor water delivery within the toilet itself. Usually, a household plunger cures instances like these. But, in more severe cases, where the clog lies in the sewer line, more dramatic solutions are required. Rooter Town Colorado Springs can help determine the source of the problem, and take the necessary steps to get your toilet working again in no time.

First, we must determine what is causing the slow drainage. Since all drains lead to the sewer, other drains will stop flowing if it is backed up. So, if your shower or bathtub are backing up in addition to the toilet, that’s an indication that problem is likely a clogged sewer. We’d use provide cable service in such instances to clear the sewer line. If the clog exists in the toilet itself it may require a toilet auger if a plunger didn’t do the trick. At Rooter Town, our expert plumbers will keep you educated on the process and the best means of remedying the situation. And, of course, we’ll always use care to keep from scratching or damaging the porcelain and we’ll always treat your home with respect. Call Rooter Town Colorado Springs today for toilet auger service.

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