Water Heaters

It is always good practice to have your water heater serviced on a regular maintenance schedule. The tank is typically made of steel, and features a special liner so that the water doesn’t rust in the tank. The water temperature is controlled by a thermostat. And a series of valves allow for drainage and emergency shutoff. These parts and others should be regularly serviced to ensure they are working properly. Rooter Town Colorado Springs can provide such maintenance and keep your water heater running optimally for years to come. If we encounter a problem, our licensed service technicians are capable of repairing or replacing parts on most brands and models of water heater.

In some extreme cases, the pressure relief valve can blow, and the tank will spew water, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Rooter Town has 24-hour emergency service, and will respond promptly to remedy the situation as quick as possible to avoid further damage. Whether you require regular maintenance or emergency service, count on Rooter Town Colorado Springs for your water heater service today.

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