Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are important devices often found in basements or underground that pump excess ground and storm water from your foundation to outside of the home. In damp areas susceptible to receiving large amounts of water, a working sump pump is crucial to protecting the foundation of your home. Without it, water can flood into your basement, harming the integrity of the home and damaging your belongings inside the home. Sump pumps require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they continue to work properly over the years. Rooter Town Colorado Springs has the licensed, certified plumbers to service your sump pumps and keep them in optimum working condition.

Unfortunately, most sump pumps only last 7-10 years on average. The pump can ultimately burn out, wiring can short out, and eventually, the unit can just die. So, if your sump pump has a problem and cannot be repaired, it’s time for replacement. Rooter Town can determine if your sump pump can help make that determination and if a new one is required, we’ll consult with you on your best options, size, model, and other considerations to help you make an informed decision. We can install most brands and models and will ensure your new sump pump is running optimally. Call Rooter Town Colorado Springs today if you need sump pump service.

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