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An aspect of plumbing that most homeowners don’t think of is the vent pipes that run from plumbing fixtures to the roof, letting oxygen in and sewer gases out. This flow of air is crucial to the flow of water through the pipes. However, such vents can become clogged, often by something blocking the vent exit on the roof, such as leaves, roof material, or bird nesting. Foreign objects can also fall down the vent pipe and become lodged deep in the pipe, also restricting the flow of air. Rooter Town Boulder has the expertise and equipment to service your vents, keeping them clean and ensuring that your plumbing lines work properly.

We’ll inspect and clear the vents at their openings, and should we find a clog deep in the vent pipe, we can perform cable service if necessary, running a flexible metal wire with rotating blades through the pipe to plow through the blockage. Maintenance of your vents is an important part of keeping a good-working plumbing system. Call Rooter Town Boulder today, whether you require general maintenance or have an existing problem.

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