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There are times when inserting a cable auger/blade into your pipes isn’t going to adequately clear a clogged pipe. In cases where the clog is caused by grease or sludge, a cable auger/blade is simply going to swirl the sludge around, and it will settle back to where it once was, continuing to stifle the flow of water. When cable service doesn’t work, hydro jetter service may do the trick. Jetter service involves shooting highly pressurized water through the pipes to blast the sludge out. Rooter Town Boulder has the expert plumbers and equipment to perform jetter service where needed. We’ll connect our hydro jetter machines, equipped with a heavy-duty motor/pump to the pipe via hose and nozzle, and inject water up to 4,000 psi through the pipe to ensure we clear the most stubborn clogs.

Call Rooter Town today to determine if jetter service makes sense for your clogged pipe. It is a proven, cost-efficient solution that is safe for all types of pipe, and will free your pipes from sludge, grease, and other soft blockages not otherwise clearable through cable service. Count on Rooter Town Boulder for around-the-clock, professional, courteous service.

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