Plumbing “cleanouts” are designed to give plumbers access to a pipe for maintenance and cleaning without having to rooter a cable through fixtures. So, when a line in your home becomes clogged, the plumber simply has to locate the cleanout, which is usually found in easily accessible spots near the home’s foundation. Cleanouts are usually installed at the connection point between the sewer lines and the drain lines and are made of two parts — a female thread adapter and a threaded male cleanout cap. The plumber merely removes the cap, inserts the rooter, and is able to clear the pipes from that point, removing blockages, roots, and more. In some homes, however, (especially older homes), there are no cleanouts. If you have a need to have cleanouts installed in your home, call Rooter Town Boulder.

Having cleanouts installed before a problem occurs is always a good idea to allow for regular service and maintenance. Regular maintenance is a good way to ensure you avoid blockages in the future. Of course, installing cleanouts requires strict adherence to specifications in the Uniform Plumbers Code, and Rooter Town will always do things the right way. If you have a home without plumbing cleanouts, call Rooter Town Boulder today for cost-effective installation!

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