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Sewer lines can become clogged over the years due to an accumulation of waste, grease, sludge, foreign objects, and even tree roots. When standard household remedies, such as plungers and over-the-counter cleaning solutions don’t work to clear your lines, you need a more heavy-duty resolution. Rooter Town Boulder offers cable service (also referred to as “snaking”), in which we insert a flexible metal cable equipped with a rotating blade that moves through the pipes grinding through any blockages. The wire gyrates and bends through curves, and is powerful enough to cut through tree roots. Upon completion, your pipes will run smoothly again, free of clogs.

No matter if we’re servicing a sewer line, drain line, or main line, Rooter Town has cables and machinery of various sizes to do the job right on any type of clogged pipe. We also have commercial-grade equipment with larger-diameter cables to clear clogs in office buildings or other commercial applications. If your lines are clogged, count on Rooter Town Boulder to provide cable service to clear the lines quickly and effectively.

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