Garbage Disposals

Most homeowners never think of their garbage disposal. Most came with the house, and are there at your service with the flip of a switch, ready to grind up and eliminate food waste and clear your sink. But disposals are often the victims of abuse, being asked to make egg shells, peels, rinds, meats, and even bones disappear. Blades can dull, motors can wear down, electronics can fail, and ultimately, the connecting drain pipes become overloaded with larger debris than they can handle, and become clogged. When this happens, your kitchen sink becomes a cesspool of grease and leftover food particles and your kitchen become unusable. If you are having trouble with your garbage disposal, Rooter Town Boulder is available to inspect it, determine if it can be repaired, or whether a new unit is required. No matter the situation, we have the expert plumbers to repair or replace your garbage disposal to give you back your kitchen sink once again.

No matter the age or brand of garbage disposal, our plumbers are capable of servicing them. We’ll determine if it’s a matter of unclogging a pipe, unjamming blades, replacing faulty parts, or needing a newer model. We can install most brands and models of garbage disposals. If you require garbage disposal service, call Rooter Town Boulder today.

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