Backhoe Digs

Servicing water to and from your house is a series of pipes, in various sizes from just a few inches below the surface to deeper than 20 feet. Some sewer lines running from your house to hook up with the city’s sewer pipes are among the deeper pipes under your house/yard. Should something go wrong with these pipes, fixing the problem can be a major undertaking. At Rooter Town Denver, we’ve got the video inspection and detection equipment to find the source of the problem, and our service technicians’ trained eye can determine the best solution. In cases where we must access the pipe to fix or replace it, it’s going to require some significant digging.

Rooter Town has backhoe machinery for such instances to dig into the earth and remove dirt to access the pipes. In some cases, this requires digging through compacted soil, tough clay, roots, rocks, and even concrete, which would never be possible with smaller hand-held equipment. With the backhoe, we are able to dig necessary trenches to access damaged pipes or to install new lines, septic tanks, and more. So, when you’ve got a problem with your plumbing, whether a leaking faucet or a deep underground problem requiring heavy machinery, Rooter Town Denver is the expert to call.

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