Septic Tanks

A septic system is designed to remove pollutants from wastewater to protect public health and the environment by eliminating the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful nitrates in the water. When a septic system backs up or fails, the consequences aren’t just gross, they can create a biohazard. Raw waste can seep into your yard (and worse, your home), can contaminate wells, and discharge into streams and ditches. A septic tank system often malfunctions due to improper maintenance or operation. They can arise due to a water leak that overloads the system, physical damage to the system caused by re-landscaping projects or other issues, drainage of excess water into the area of the yard harboring the septic system, and failure to the septic tank to remove excess sludge and scum. When you have a septic tank that is damaged and untreatable, replacing it is the only option. Rooter Town Colorado Springs has many years of experience in performing septic tank replacement services.

If your septic tank is failing, give Rooter Town a call for prompt service. Our licensed, certified technicians will inspect the system and determine whether it can be repaired or if it needs replacing. If needing replacement, we’ll work with you to determine the appropriate system configuration, material makeup, tank size, and other factors.

In addition, it is of utmost importance to schedule regular maintenance for your septic system, including cleaning, pumping, and other services by a licensed technician. Call Rooter Town Colorado Springs today to schedule an inspection and maintenance. And, if you have an emergency, count on us for prompt response, 24 hours per day.

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