Pipelining Service

When underground pipes become damaged with cracks, come apart at the joints, and ultimately need replacing, there are several “trenchless” methods allowing service technicians to replace pipes without having to excavate large sections of your yard. One such method is called pipelining, or sliplining. This is the process of installing a pipe within a pipe, where new pipes are literally inserted through the old, giving you an entirely new piping system free of cracks and other problems, restoring impermeability, and giving you decades of reliable flow once again. Rooter Town Colorado Springs has the expert service technicians to perform pipelining and other trenchless repair/replacement methods.

If your existing underground plumbing lines are damaged or leaking, call Rooter Town Colorado Springs. We’ll explain the problem, and go over your best options for repair/replacement. Pipelining just might be the best option for replacement, especially if preserving the landscaping, patios, and other surface features is a primary concern.

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