Pipe Bursting

When underground pipes must be replaced due to degradation and cracks, we may be able to install new lines without digging up your entire yard and other surface structures. Rooter Town Colorado Springs offers several trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods for laying new lines. One such method is “pipe bursting”, in which machine uses a pointed tool called a “bursting head” drives through the old pipe, breaking it apart into tiny pieces. At the same time, the machine pulls in new pipe, which is laid in the cavity left behind the bursting head. The method allows for larger-diameter pipes to be laid, which makes this method a popular choice when customers desire increased flow via larger pipes.

Bursting heads are capable of breaking up pipes made of PVC and even cast iron. If you’ve got a problem in your underground pipes, call Rooter Town Colorado Springs today. We’ll locate the problem and determine the best solution. Should that solution require replacing your pipes, pipe bursting might be the best option for you, as we can preserve other surface structures.

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