Hand Digs

When you’ve got a problem with underground pipes, we will always do our best to minimize the destruction of landscaping and surface structures. When possible, we’ll perform trenchless rehabilitation methods to fix the problem. But, if we need to dig to access the pipes, Rooter Town Colorado Springs isn’t afraid to break a sweat and conduct hand digs to keep the mess confined to a smaller area as opposed to bringing in bigger machinery, which may cause more disorder to your yard. If we encounter compacted soil, roots, clay, or rocks that prevent hand digging, we can also bring in handheld excavation equipment to aid in the process.

Of course, after the dig, we will always repair the landscaping as best we can. We’ll backfill the trench with soil and re-lay the sod. We want to tend to your underground pipe problem quickly and effectively, but minimize the disruption to your household and yard. If you’ve got a problem with underground pipes, call Rooter Town Colorado Springs today, and we’ll dispatch our expert service technicians to investigate!

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